The intro!

Well i figure its time to aim for a blog!

My name is Austin, my intials are AMP, and I spend my time hunting or thinking about it! So I’m going to start a blog: It will cover thoughts, ideas, tips, tricks, stories and of course ill try to make a point at the end if i can!!!

So some info on me.

Im 22, I live in utah, I have hunted with muzzleloaders with my step dad for years. I decided i wanted to get further away from people and the norm so I got into backcountry archery. Ive gone from loving to hunt to being engulfed with it. I read a hunting mag everyday during lunch, shoot my bow nearly everyday, basically my world revolves around it! Two years ago I broke my leg, tib and fib, in a motorcycle accident. I now have a titanium rod and screws in my leg, unlike some people to lazy to hike and run, I barely can. Alot of my stories will relate to trying to overcome this obstacle and if I can help one person realize they can do the same then I’m doing something right! Well I suppose if you want to know more you’ll stick around, Hoping you enjoy your visit!!


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    1. Hey Carrie! My life is pure madness right now!!! Thus the reason I’m behind but I’ll try to keep up as much as possible!


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