Well It’s Spring!!

Welcome to spring!!! I’m sure you have all been busy but I have been buried, so I’m going to go into some quick overviews real quick and then try to share a few stories that I want to give in more detail!!

Spring! To some that means cleaning, fishing, or spring bear hunts! I moved into my grandparent’s old house shortly after Christmas and am still in the middle of cleaning. I don’t know whether to consider it spring cleaning or winter cleaning since I have been going so long! On top of that, with moving into a new place comes the unavoidable “setting it up how you want it” phase. I’ve been rearranging, setting up my hunting room, remodeling the bedroom I claimed and uncovering the hardwood floors in it since I moved in. On top of all the indoor cleaning and remodeling I have been doing I’ve put in a large amount of time outdoors! I like a lot of hunters would rather have a steak from an elk I shot sitting next to veggies I grew than to have something store bought. I want my own fruit, my own veggies, my own spices, and my own meat. That meant a lot of planning, buying, preparing and planting for me this spring! I’ve weeded; shoveled and tilled 1,000+ sq ft of land then richened up the soil and redid it all over! I’ve now got some fruit trees, some raspberry bushes and my salsa garden all planted the way I want and set up watering systems to them all. I still have some more planting to do but I’ve got the main things done!

Now everything I just mentioned happened to be winter and weekday projects I was doing after working 730-530 at the shop each day. I’m still hoping to draw my limited entry Utah tag and have been spending weekends scouting the mountains, looking for horns, setting up my bow and shooting. Now the last few weeks I’ve been working on getting a turkey with my bow! This is something new to me; I’ve hunted turkey one other time, also with a bow, and was unsuccessful. Last time I just wandered through the mountains hoping to get lucky, I should have known better! “If it wasn’t for luck we’d have no luck at all” – that’s the motto my family seems to live by (without trying)! I had scouted out 5 different gobblers before opening day while checking areas for deer. A few days later I managed to get away from work long enough to go hunting and wouldn’t you know it no birds! This time I had bought a decoy and was trying to call them into me, I’d seen some of their escape routes the weeks before but apparently they were escaping farther away than I thought! I never even heard a gobble!!! Well the season doesn’t end till the end of the month and I’m determined to get one with my bow on public land in the mountains so cross your tail feathers for me!

Speaking of the end of the month, the 30th happens to be when draw results for Utah are released! Now I have heard rumors of nonresidents having money pulled already but I would recommend waiting till about the 25th to get worried or you will be like me! Every morning I wake up to check my bank account and a few times throughout the day! Here is hoping you all draw, and that you don’t rub it in if I don’t!!!!

Now on top of work, gardening and scouting I have also started a new home workout, since as you can imagine I don’t have a lot of time to run to the gym on my schedule! I had heard a lot about Insanity and just happened to know someone who had bought it and never used it. I picked it up from them and let’s just say if you want to be in good shape for the backcountry and think you will do pretty good pick this workout up!!! I am far from overweight but after doing this workout for only a week I can’t believe I ever thought I was in shape! This workout leaves me sweating and panting before the 30 minute workout is over, yes you heard me right! It only takes 30 minutes a day 6 days a week and I can’t even keep up!!! This is a workout that will be of great use on the mountains this year!

Thanks for keeping up with the ADHD style rambling!



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