Mud blood beers and glory… With preparation!

Well guys I downloaded the WordPress app so we are going to give it a shot!!

I’d heard of people getting involved in bow-fishing lately and decided I wanted to dip my bowstrings into it! I had found 500 dollar bow sets, 100 dollar reel sets all the way down to just a cheap 35 dollar reel in by hand set. I had an old bow of my dads, a PSE stratoflight that is probably older than me, laying around so I decided that I would pick up a cheap reel to put on it. I decided to go with a very cheap reel so that i could see if I liked the sport before dumping 100 dollars into it. I found one at a local sports store for 35 dollars, (I want to say its a bohning brand but I’m writing this while traveling so I’ll check when I get home) it has a blue reel, white line, a safety slide and carp arrow. Cabelas had a Cajun archery kit that looks to be a little better style and quality with a lot better line, If you have one close I’d go that route.

Sorry for the time it’s taken to post this…. Ran into my first app glitch and lost a few paragraphs!! So here goes a retry!!!

Having the bow kit installed on a bow and having it in hand was more than I could handle! I chase a friend “Tiny” down to ask him his advice since he went pretty often. He said I had the right lake in mind, and that at the time of he year would have them spawning. Ha said to try backwater shallows that they would swim back into. The next day I was of work and headed to the lake by 5. I had a small bucket, some sandals, a glove, and the bow in my hand! I parked on the edge of the inlet and headed out, I spent a few hours on the water and came back empty of fish but full of info! For those looking to start, here is where I did good and not so good! Learn from my mistakes and maybe you’ll come back loaded your first time!

One of the best things I did was ask a friend who knew more than me. He explained what to look for and I knew the lake well enough to get to the areas I needed to be in. I found a lot of fish where I was. Bringing a cheap mechanic glove made for easy shooting and line retrieval. Remember that leaving fish on the bank can not only be illegal but creates a bad image, thus the bucket would have been a good idea if I’d have shot some!

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