If you’re reading this….

If you’re reading this I wish you weren’t. Hell of a way to start off a blog post right?? It’s been a few years since I even posted on here, I lacked experience in many things but had enthusiasm to spare when I began this back then….

Now I’m coming back with a very similar mind set. I’ve recently set a goal for a nearly impossible hunt, and it’s staying a secret!! I’ll refer to it as the ultra secret hunt or USH to keep it simple. I’m giving myself 3 years to go do the hunt, it could take a lifetime of hunting it to be successful but I’m going to go give it a shot by 2020.

The blog is going to be my way to keep track of everything leading up to the USH from gear set ups and reviews to preparation hunts. I’m completely revamping my gear starting now and hope to find a very solid set up by next year when I hope to try a hunt out of state and in a very similar remote area.

Since I’ve been gone from here I’ve married and now have 2 great boys, a 6 month old and the other is almost 4. Those 3 fill my heart completely, but they are the biggest challenge heading into this USH. I have a hard time being away from them all for long times and though I wish they could join, the hunt I have planned will be something I do alone or with a very choice hunting partner. It will be weeks in the backcountry with very little contact, lots of hardship and danger and a whole lot of heartbreak is to be expected.

I may decide to spill the beans later down the line or I may keep it quiet until the day I leave for the hunt but the ultra secret hunt right now is solely for me. The journey to get there I’m more than happy to share though!!!

Here’s to 3 years of abuse and hopefully lots of updates between now and then….

Bringing it back from the old school,


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