Backpack swap out

I’ve been running a kifaru for some time now and for what I was doing I had the perfect system I felt like. I’ll do a break down on what I had and explain why I’m changing to prep for the USH.

I chose to run the bikini frame for its mobility and the comfort with light loads. Although people complained that the bikini was not comfortable under heavy pack outs I felt it did great when packing out elk quarters. I chose the idea of comfortable for days on end and a little less comfort when I fill a tag and am packing out for a day versus the other way around.

Attached to the frame I run a hip pocket on each side and then an EMR2 pack as my bag. I used an old kifaru back pouch as a lid and run the grabbit as well. This set up could expand clear out to about 10k cubic inches but still sucked down smaller for day use. The pack uses a batwing system, one side of the wing is zippered and the other is a sleeve. I kept all of my gear in the batwings then just used the main bag for my dromedary water bladder and a large kifaru pull out with all of my food and a compression sack with my tent and bag. This way when I got to my base camp I could empty the main bag, suck the wings down and be good to go in a day pack mode.

When it came to pack outs I had the option to load meat in the main bag, keep all my gear in the wings and then lash on anything extra with a buckle and lash kit from kifaru. This idea would allow for a one and done pack out trip while solo if you deboned your meat and you were in good enough shape.

This pack set up is seriously flexible and can honestly hold more than my back. It’s for sale and a great option if anyone is looking. I would not hesitate to run kifaru again and may end up with another one down the line.

I’m going to give stone glacier a try for the USH. My issue with the kifaru I have is the number of pockets and buckles involved. I’m looking for a more sleek and simple set up. I ran a kifaru high camp 7000 at one time which is all the things I just mentioned but the stone glacier has one big benefit over it in my mind. Built in load shelf, I also like the few built in pockets and front access more than the high camp set up.

The stone glacier allows you to separate the bag from the frame and drop in either a load cell dry bag or game quarters or deboned meat. This puts me back to the ability to do a single trip which is going to be an absolute need for the USH. I have never ran a SG but hope to get into one before the end of the year and get to testing it….

Hopefully I’ll have some good reviews coming of SG.

Also a pic of my wife’s bow on the kifaru to show how it could be set up..

Buy it and you’ll be fueling my dreams…


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