Injury report and recap

I’ve been spending time looking into my limitations for the USH and spent a lot of time inspecting my gear and finances but a big part falls back to previous injuries.

My right leg experienced a broken tib and Fib that resulted in a titanium rod, some screws and a fair amount of staples. This injury has left me unable to run due to the pain associated with the shock impact. I also have issues with that knee being sore at times from them pulling it apart to hammer the rod down into place. This happened clear back in 2008.

This year, the same week I brought my new son home I stepped off a flat bed trailer in my backyard and tore up my left ankle. I didn’t go to the doctor, after just spending a few days there I couldn’t convince myself to run back. I spent the next week’s with a sore swelled up ankle and here it is seven months later and it still hurts at times. I’ve also noticed some limited motion since hurting it.

With 2 injured legs I know I need to spend some serious time under a weighted pack to make sure they get a proper warm up and I also need to find and know my limits. I put many miles down this hunting season and they didnt bother me much but I figure as time passes they will only get worse if not continually worked.

Another injury I’ve realized needed proper attention is a damaged shoulder from a motorcycle wreck i had in highschool. I ended up with a new halon 6 in a trade for my kifaru, it’s set up for max weight of 64 pounds. After shooting it a while I realized how much better my shoulder felt and that I could shoot longer without getting sore or having to take a day off. I very well may stay in the lower range for draw weight now to try to keep that shoulder happy.

The problem with all of these injuries is simply: The Mountain Doesn’t Care. I plan to pick up a mountain technical institute big game work out plan and hit it a few different ways to try to get myself in the best shape I can be in. There are plenty of work outs available but after looking into it and talking to one of their guys over email I think it’s my best option to push it harder. I cannot take back the injuries or get back to how it was before, but I can push myself to be the best version of myself I can be.

Just another hunter prepping to take a gym selfie….


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