Bow crazed….

My first bow led me to having a possibly unhealthy obsession with archery. I quickly saved my money up to be able to buy a new bow, I chose to spend money on the latest and greatest and planned to shoot it for many many years.

A couple years later and that carbon element was up for sale, I ended up with a new Mathews Z3 as a trade at the beginning of this year. Since that bow I ended up with a halon 6 and am trading both of those bows off this weekend. The trade is leaving me with a carbon defiant that my buddy wants to buy but I plan to shoot and test it while it passes through my hands.

That’s 3 bows hunted with in a years time and 1 I’ll spend a little time testing out. I’ve decided how all of these have influenced my choices for my next purchase but I still need to go do some testing to see what fits the bill.

First off I need to keep the weight under 70, my shoulder does way better and I can practice longer with a 64 pound bow like the halon was. Second I want a simple set up, the Z3 was not my favorite to draw back or tune, but it was a simple no frills set up and I liked the look and ease that came with it. Lastly speed be damned, I want a 7″ brace height with a super comfortable draw cycle accompanied with a comfortable valley that is easy to let down if need be.

The one feature I’ve never really had is a long ATA bow. I don’t know why but I’ve always had shorter set ups. This year I plan to find something that fits all of my wishes that also has a longer ATA. There are many pros to a longer ATA outlined all over the web, however the cons only seem to be in blind or tree stand. That is not a style of hunting which I frequently deal with so that concern is something I can overlook.

As for accessories, I’ve recently picked up a quivalizer and plan to continue using it on my next bow. So far I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to dial it into a bow for multiple months. I’ve been shooting the G5 XR 4 pin sight on all of my recent bows, sadly it’s discontinued and my favorite I’ve used. I’m torn between trying the G5 X2 or just continuing using my battered XR. I prefer the pin moving instead of the sight housing but really liked the three solid pins and one moveable of the XR vs just having one solid and one roaming like the X2. As for rests, I still don’t see any big differences with the half dozen drop aways I’ve used. I will probably continue using the hamskea since it’s the newest and people seem to prefer it.

I plan go switch arrows again as well, probably headed back to Easton, the availability of their arrows make it easy to duplicate my setup if something were to happen. I’m planning to set them up with AAE max stealth 4 fletch with a helical which is something I’ve not done before. I also plan to jump up to a 125 grain head but plan to still shoot slick tricks. I might as well leave one or two things the same….

Tinkering on and on….


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