Throwing canon balls

Many different fads come and go throughout any hobby, archery has not had it’s lack. Arrow set ups will always change person to person but it seems a shift has came in where people have moved to heavier arrows and high FOC’s. For the past 10 years I’ve been shooting arrows in the 500 grain range, other than one year I’ve stuck to fixed blade heads and I’ve never calculated exact FOC. This is a basic arrow set up many people can relate to and vouch for.

This year I had decided to bring my weight up and at first my plan aimed to stack weight up front and find an arrow that maintained all the things we seek. There is much debate about a point of diminishing returns with both weight and FOC and so I decided to go a little extreme and see what happens.

This year I am going to be shooting FMJ Dangerous game 300 spine shafts weighing in at 16 grains per inch! I will be knocking off the extra brass on the HIT and will be using 125 grain heads, I plan to run a wrap and 4 fletch helical AAE vanes. Hoping to get the arrows done in the next few days and get a final weight on them soon. I fully expect to be shooting 700 grain canon balls from my Prime Rival this season.

My 500 grain arrows have done nothing but blow through the deer I have shot so far. I have a full dozen arrows being built and plan to dedicate the entire year to them so long as I get a good consistent accurate flight out of them. Hopefully with some luck I will have some great test results on both foam and game.

I will post a small follow up with pictures, an update on how they fly and hopefully have them ran through a chronograph by then as well.

Here’s to a year of pirating,


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