Canon ball break down and the canon throwing them

The arrows are done! They came in a little lighter than expected but that’s probably a good thing! Arrow weight is based off an old dial gauge from an old school bow shop so it may not be 100% accurate but the nostalgia of it helps make up for any accuracy deficiencies. The total arrow weight is 658 gr completed!

FMJ dangerous game 300 spine shafts at 28.5″, a 4″ wrap, 4 fletch AAE vanes in a right helical on the back half, 125 grain field point to top it out. I did not have the extra weight of the HIT installed, I figured there was plenty of weight without that.

The bow I’ve ended up with for this year is a Prime Rival at 67 pound peak weight with 28″ draw. Ive adjusted the stops about halfway to reduce the let off as I felt it was too much. It’s still a very smooth forgiving bow and I’ve thrown on a Hamskea drop away, quivilizer and black gold ascent 4 pin adjustable sight to finish it out.

This combo has me at 225 feet per second. Now that’s awfully slow for a modern compound but is also awfully quiet! I ran a small online calculation and this puts me at roughly 75 foot pounds of kinetic energy and .659 slugs of momentum. For comparison if my old 500 grain arrows were doing 280 fps (probably not) I’d be 87 KE and .622 slugs.

I fully expect a large cut on contact broadhead combined with this arrow to be just a crushing force. This is going to be a slow arcing set up with a hard time reaching way out there but I think it will carry it’s energy well and not be influenced by the wind as much.

So far I’ve just been playing with getting everything tuned and shooting well and getting used to the new set up. Plan to start walking back and dropping long bombs shortly! I need to to through my black gold sight tapes and see if there is even a sight tape for this slow of a set up or I may need to make myself a custom one like I usually do.

A new year resolution to add weight completed,


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