What’s in the kits?

I pack four small kits in my pack: first aid, possibles, after the kill, and cooking. In this post I’ll just break down quickly what currently is in each and why.

First aid kit is a .5 from adventure medical kits, it’s honestly more than I probably need but at under five ounces it’s hard to not just toss it in. I added a small tin with Vaseline soaked cotton balls and a small match book. This kit came in a little yellow bag and then inside that is a water proof bag filled with everything. The waterproof bag seemed the best place to leave some last chance fire starting pieces. To check out all the pieces supplied in the .5 kit and all the other kits offered check out their website HERE.

Being the (cheap) guy that I am I used the yellow bag supplied with the first aid kit as an extra bag. That bag holds my possibles kit. This bag contains a zip lock bag filled with TP and another one filled with dried out wet wipes. I keep my tooth brush, tooth paste and chapstick in this bag. I also am working on a minimalist survival fishing kit to put in here. Tossed in to finish the kit out is a full size Zippo wrapped in electrical tape, a single hot hand package, a spare battery for my range finder and a cheap compass. If the weather looks cold I may toss in extra hot hands as well. I also usually have my potable aqua tablets in here as well though they aren’t pictured, and the patch kit pictured resides with my sleeping pad currently.

My after the kill kit is placed in a smaller kifaru pull out. I have 1 large heavy duty contractor bag, a good chunk of paracord or guy line and contractor tape. Also I have a couple pairs of latex gloves, a sharpie, a work sharp field sharpener and a havalon with a few extra blades. Other than game bags and my fixed blade knife I have everything I need in this little pull out for when the tag gets notched. I will also toss my spare release in as it fits in there best and then I know exactly where it is.

My cooking kit this year is getting switched up for some testing. I’m packing the solo stove lite and their 900 pot, included is a CRKT eat’n tool XL spork and it is all stored in the solo stove bag along with yet another match book. I have that all in a mega kifaru pull out that I also store all of my food in, this allows me to quickly move (or hang) my food as one unit.

Well there is the kit breakdown!!

I don’t think I’ve ever used the word kit so many times in my life…..


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