Get it off your chest!

If you ever drop your pack for a stalk (I’m not encouraging this!), head out for the day on just a quick hike or go through a 3d course you may find yourself lacking some neccesities…. Unless you can pull it right off your chest!

I run an Alaska guide creations bino harness, Im not sure the model and based off the website they may not make it anymore. For me its much more than just a bino holder though, I keep some immediate needs in it so they are always on me. I honestly have that bino pack more often than not. It goes on all my hunts and scouting trips but it also goes on regular hikes, is tossed in my truck going for a drive to the city to see family and even just driving to work most days. I constantly am changing it a little here and there but have found a fairly solid set up right now in my opinion.

Obviously my Leupold 10x42s go in the main pouch and stay there when not in use, I do not run the tethers supplied by AGC. One side pouch is holding a lens cleaning cloth on the other is an izula 2 fixed blade knife or occasionally my leatherman. In the back zippered pocket I have applicable maps and all tags for the year as well as some medical super glue tubes and a pic of my wife. The basement holds my inreach GPS and generally a small amount paracord or guy line.

If you open the basement pocket you can actually slide some small things up behind the logo patch and between the bino cushion. Here is where I store just a small handful of different band aids and a mini bic lighter wrapped in electrical tape. This stuff will occasionally slide down into the basement but if its tucked up in it’s less likely to fall out when removing my Inreach.

On the lid are two quick slide sleeves, I use these for multiple purposes, one is generally holding my nikon AW100 camera. They also are used for packing my phone, a windicator, reed calls, Allen wrenches when tuning or anything I need close that would be hard to dig out of a pant pocket. The very bottom of the bino harness has two loops you could use to add or hang things off of, I have never used them but have yet to remove them. On each side by the lid is another loop, on the right side loop I hook my rangfinder and leave it there the majority of the time I hunt or am shooting. It is more exposed there to elements but I hate not having it where I can access it as quickly as possible.

There is a lot of love for the AGC systems, but when decked out its a lot more than just a bino harness and I have to say I love having it the way I do!!

After all, they always say if you have a problem to get it off your chest!


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