A weekly update.

So I have tried to stick to my goal of a post a week, last week was short and today will be as well.

New broadheads showed up this week so I’ve been spending my time messing with those. Need to get them all spun and then do some more tuning but they are hitting close enough I could kill at 50. Of course I am not happy with that and want to be able to consistently hit the small spots on my rinehart 18-1 target with broadheads.

My wife does photography on the side and between watching her and seeing photos online others do I’ve decided to try pursuing that a little for my outdoor adventures, I take a decent amount of pics on my aw100 but never seem to upload anything. My wifes d3400 uploads all of her pics directly to her phone, the quality is of course a much higher level and so I’m going to pick up another d3400 body to use for myself and try out.

I have been selling off my old point and shoot cameras to fund the new body and am getting close so hopefully by this summer scouting season I’ll be practiced up enough to get decent photos!

Keeping it short to keep it current,


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