To tube or not to tube…

Last week I didnt publish a post as I was debating about expanding to other platforms and was still undecided. I went ahead and gave YouTube a shot and post My first video! It is a quick video on seam sealing my hexpeak tipi, If all goes well it will be another platform for me to share my adventures and thoughts throughout the year. If I for some reason decide I’d rather not then I guess I’ll stop posting, but what do I have to lose by trying it?

Unlike the blog I’m not going to make any solid commitments, especially not a post a week! However with the DSLR due to arrive by Monday and the good weather arriving with it I’m hoping to share on there at least monthly. It may be fishing, scouting, gear reviews or just a cool encounter but hopefully itll get content on a regular basis.

The first video is rough but it is up, be sure to subscribe, like and comment as well as leave me pointers on how to improve it!

Also check your cards, Utah hit me just a few hours ago for my general archery deer tag!!

Tis the season!!!


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