Have your desert and hunt it too!

Utah’s draw results came out this last week and I had two minor surprises. I didnt draw my limited entry mule deer tag and the general season mule deer tag I drew was not for my usual high country mountain hunting unit. This years draw left the wife and I both with archery mule deer tags which is great but they are both for a desert unit!

My odds of drawing tags in Colorado are fairly low this year and the same goes for the Nevada tag I put in for. The Arizona muley tag I plan to put in for is a long ways off but I still plan to get an over the counter Coes deer tag for the winter. Looking at these 2 options leaves me with a very desert oriented deer season ahead!

I debated getting an over the counter tag for Idaho and heading into some high country but I plan to really focus on helping my wife fill her tag this year which means high alpine basin mule deer are not on my list this year.

I’ve never hunted the unit I drew and I’ve never really hunted anything like it. All of my gear is based around hunting far away high up in the mountains. Now I’m heading to a unit where keeping cool and hydrated holds a much higher value than staying warm and dry. Most of my insulating layers I’ve gathered over the years will probably stay in the truck and I’ll probably not be hunting far from the truck either.

It may sound like I’m complaining but I swear that’s not the case, I’ve got a tag and the opportunity to help my wife fill her first tag. I’m excited to try something new and find some new areas. I also truly believe that a new area requiring a different approach will greatly improve the ability to fill tags. A different angle sometimes shows you a trick you never knew about!

Plus I found this guy in the unit we drew a few years ago while driving around…..

Hope he passed some genetics down!!


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