Backpack unload

Did a 16+ mile round trip overnighter during memorial day weekend and decided to do a backpack unload video. Unfortunately that sound quality was off but I’m going to do a quick write up on the gear that came out since it was hard to hear.

First off my spotter is sitting out since I had been watching some mountain goats. My DSLR is on the tripod filming. The spotter came out of the center zip pocket and the tripod was strapped to the side opposite of where the trekking poles are. My camera was just wedged in my pocket for this trip.

First I unload the lid that had my clothes extra in it. Sitka Kelvin active, core heavy weight hoody, marmot helium rain jacket come out in that order. I was wearing a black ovis merino short sleeve, prana Zion pant, lowa boot and sitka gaiters.

The center pocket had my kifaru beanie and sitka merino gloves in it. Usually they are in my pant pocket or hip pocket but it was hot and I didnt expect I’d need them. The 2 bags i pull out were my first aid and possibles kit.

The trekking poles were still strapped to the side of the bag as I dont really use them packing in to areas but use them for pitching my tipi so they come on every trip regardless.

Out of the top of the main bag came a kifaru mega pull out. This was my food bag, it had two stoves and two pots in it for this trip as well as more food than I needed for such a short trip. I was trying out some new snacks and playing with stove ideas. A small rechargeable solar lantern came out next and then I started on my sleep system.

The exped sleeping pad was overkill for the trip with such a high r value but its comfortable. I also had my shemagh, that is a piece of gear with a million uses that is always thrown in. Next comes the kifaru slick 20 degree regular bag and lastly the hexpeak tipi from luxe with a stuff sack full of stakes guy line and my ground sheet.

There is a water bladder hung in the main pocket and a pistol mounted to the belt. One belt pocket held a spare camera lens with cleaning wipes, the other held my bino tripod adapter and my headlamp. Other than the AGC chest rig that is everything I need for any of my normal hunts!!

Watch Video Here

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