Final Gear Prep!

A little while back I did a post called “aww the smell of new” outlining some new gear for the year, I’ve since put alot of that gear to use with mostly great results! The stone glacier bag was switched out (to see why check out this post), whereas the Luxe Hexpeak tipi has solidified itself as my shelter of choice….

Many people are like myself and really geek out on gear and so I just thought I’d do a post highlighting the last few gear changes I’m making before the season starts in just over a month.

The big change is going back to a kifaru pack system, I finally bought new instead of classified hunting and ended up with the new ultralite frame and muskeg 5k. It will be supplied with 2 small pockets on the hip belt and a nalgene shortly as I’m just waiting for them to ship out. I would like to order the new organizer guide lid as well but havent made the purchase just yet.

A few smaller changes this year include going to a nalgene with cap cap lid and the use of a steripen ultra. I’m getting rid of the quivilizer and going back to a tight spot and getting a better stabilizer set up, I also picked northern broadheads in 125 grain as my broadhead for this year and am getting new strings before the season kicks off. I’m keeping my exped for colder weather trips and for my wife to use normally but I’ve grabbed a klymit inertia o zone pad as an early season set up. I also have picked up black ovis merino boxers and t shirts and plan to use those as my base layer and no longer run long sleeve or merino pants as next to skin.

Anyone following my Instagram has probably seen these updates but this year I dropped the point and shoot and picked up a DSLR. The nikon d3400 has been a fun experience and is already in the middle of a lens upgrade, pics have been missing as of late since I sold my standard lens and am waiting for the new one to arrive. Hopefully it will allow for some better quality and ability to shoot further distances without the need to hook it up to the spotting scope. I’m going to be attaching it with a peak design clip to the bag to keep it close as often as possible.

Im still torn about the solo stove for hunting, though it is light it takes extra time to burn especially if damp. It may be more for my scouting trips or used for my quest to conquer the tallest peak in each county of Utah over the next year. I also have been unsure about the hunter honer sharpener in my kill kit as I’m horrible at knife sharpening, as such I grabbed a work sharp field sharpener to give me an edge. It may remain at the truck instead of going in the bag but I’m not entirely sure just yet. I also picked up a petzel elite headlamp as my back up but am loving it enough I almost want it as a primary as well. Once I get out in the field on a few darker nights and test it without moonlight I should be able to decide officially if I go that route or not.

Lastly I picked up a pair of bodyglove wet shoes, they weigh in at 14 ounces and I have high hopes for them. I picked them up as something to take when hiking in to fish so I didnt have to pack in waders. I quickly decided that they would make good water crossing shoes and could be used as camp shoes as well. The more I’ve worn them around the house the more I think I may test them out as stalking shoes and stop using doubled up socks. They are a bit on the hot side but with a solid sole and a little arch support they may be a nice addition to my hunts.

I’m trying to get all the weights updated on the Gear List so if you have any questions check it out!

Hopefully your gear is all about dialed in for the season!!!


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