Not just a one trick pony

Although archery is right in the websites name I dont just focus on archery, I love being outdoors in just about any capacity. I’ve spent some time debating if I would use the blog for my non archery related trips or not and finally decided that like myself I’m sure the readers enjoy other activities as well. I’ll still focus on mainly hunting but occasionally I may throw out something different, this is one of those.

Last week we threw together a fishing trip for my friends bachelor party on the green river in Utah. Six of us ended up going on the trip, four of the guys drove out together from the city while myself and another friend rode up together since we live close. We all finally met up at the river around dark on Wednesday night and the night fishing prep and story telling began.

We fished until early in the morning and then worked our way back to the trucks and hiked in the dark into our riverside camp spot. We arrived just a bit before sun up and all tossed out our bags and crashed, that day we all hung out and fished a bit and got camp truly set up.

The crew was split half and half fly fishing and spinning tackle as well as guys who had been on the green before and first timers. Those of us who had been to the area before had never been skunked like we were on this trip! Luckily most people we talked to said they were facing similar issues which is very surprising for a river boasting the highest fish population per mile in almost the entire US.

The trip was a 4 night adventure and the campground was just over a mile in. We hiked in and out multiple times from fishing new spots to heading out to go get a burger in town as well as to meet up with Mr. Bachelor’s family that came up to meet us for one night of fishing under starlight. Though the fishing wasn’t the best we all still had a great time!

The trip saw plenty of story telling and fireside induced deep thoughts. A trip like this reminded us all that sometimes the adventure doesnt need to be much more than good time spent with good friends under the stars.

Plus a trip like this really allows for more gear testing which is always a favorite part of any trip for me!


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