Back in black!!! Or is it camo???

I’ve been gone a bit longer than planned, the hunts started off and 5 days into the season I switched jobs which required a lot of my time and focus. The last day of general archery season I killed my bull and taking care of that and butchering it myself was taking up a fair amount of time, but before I even finished getting it butchered and put up I got called in to work. I ended up doing 14 days straight, took 2 days off and am now back for my regular 8 day straight shift. All while that went on I was trying to get the videos together of the hunt for my YouTube page as well as catch up on family time and home projects.

Stuff is finally settling into its rhythm, and I’m getting back into my groove. Thanks for being patient, as a reward, or possibly a bribe, here is a picture of my final day bull!!!

I’ll get a write up done on the hunt here soon…..


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