On Overwatch Duty

It may have been noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t had any new posts in a while. I am not gone I promise!!!

I’ve spent the last little while just observing the statistics of the website, seeing where traffic comes in from and what posts seem to get the most attention. I’ve been doing this to try to decide how to best continue the content of the website.

It appears that gear reviews draw the most attention on the page and so I plan to really up my posts in that department. I had planned to do reviews all along but after seeing the amount of traffic hitting the ones I have posted I think it’s a place of needed improvement!!!

If you would like to see any other content or have some input PLEASE PLEASE comment!!


PLEASE PLEASE subscribe to the website, YouTube and look me up on Facebook and Instagram!!!

Overwatch over, time to kick down some doors!


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