Apparently there are people out there who hate traditional archery, not hate it because it’s hard but just hate the traditional thing itself. Hopefully none of those people are followers of me or the blog because it seems I may be going trad! Kinda….

I’m not going all in and abandoning anything but trad but I do plan to hunt with the curve soon. I bought a pse take down over 4 years ago from camofire and had no true plan for it, I felt it would be fun to get the recurve and shoot it occasionally but didnt even seem to do that. Last week I picked it up and shot a little after a friend invited me to come shoot a traditional only range, he loaded me up with some feathers so I could fletch up some arrows to bring….

Fast forward a few days and I’ve got six hand cut, self fletched arrows for the recurve! I took last falls easton dangerous game FMJs and cut two inches off the front with a tubing cutter, put in the heavier insert with 125 grain heads and three left helical five inch shield cut feathers for a 26.5″ 640 grain thumper. The bow is a pse take down at 64 inches and 45 pounds, I tied on nocking points with string robbed out of cheap paracord at an eyeballed half inch high nock and have just began tossing arrows all over. I have no coaching or real background with shooting a recurve and so I’m making it up as I go while doing some google to help fill in the blanks. Surprisingly I hit my deer target about fifty percent of the time even out to 40 yards!

The plan is to work out the kinks and get shooting good enough to attempt to take it on a big game hunt this year. Whether that is a spring bear or a spot and stalk archery antelope or a majority of my hunts depends on how my accuracy improves from this point on. The challenge is something bringing me back to the beginning of archery, where it’s all a mystery and I cant help but want to dive in deeper!!

Hopefully hitting the target more often soon enough….


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