One to go!!!

Many may read this and jump right to one month until the season, and I’m right there with you!!!!! Before that however is the due date for our baby!!!!

I’ve been very inactive lately and it mostly comes down to being pretty swamped with baby stuff! The newest addition will be here by the 5th of August at the latest and then the season kicks off on the 17th. I have been spending a lot of time prepping at home and the mountain prep has been cut back. Hopefully I can get out and hunt a fair bit still this year but I know it will be far less than normal!

This year my ever present bad luck has made a full showing and I haven’t managed to draw a single tag in a single state so I’m just doing some OTC stuff near home. Hopefully I can get a leftover deer tag for archery here in Utah as well but that also requires some luck……

Hopefully all of you that drew can make it happen this year on your tags!!! Good luck and shoot straight!!!


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