All in or not at all Mr. Maverick!

At the first of the year I published a post called Trad-ish talking about starting the new adventure of traditional archery. I’ve learned crazy amounts of info in that short time from setting a recurve up to shooting it properly. The thing though is I’m not much if an “ish” person…..

I’ve now gone down the trad trail at a sprint, hell I’ve gone Maverick in the final hand! The compound has been gone for months now but the tags still sit in my bino harness which means its traditional harvest or an unpunched archery tag this year.

I’ve always been obsessed with archery but going traditional has rekindled the flame to a level that teeters on insanity. I’m extremely excited to take on this challenge this year, as it turns out my tag allocation has taken a big hit but my season is giving me plenty of time to try! I didnt manage to draw a single tag in any states this year, however thanks to Utahs over the counter multi season elk tag and some add on cow tags I have 3 elk tags I can hunt from mid August to mid December mostly with my bow but a rifle and muzzy season thrown in as well.

Due to the new baby showing up yesterday this long season is going to be an awesome blessing for the first time trad hunter. I’ve got a few people I’m helping out with their hunts including a brand new Hunter and if all goes well I may make it to Washington to try for a roosevelt elk in the late archery season! This is probably the most focus I’ve ever put towards elk but it seems a great way to play with traditional equipment and get a bunch of chances.

I’ve picked up a stalker stickbow apex ILF as my weapon of choice and have spent a ton of time over the last few months getting a solid arrow set up and learning to shoot it as good as I can. Luckily I have room to shoot at my house every day and a 3d course close by as well, I have spent plenty of time shooting both to truly test myself. I have to admit somedays my ego is crushed and some days my confidence soars, the term struggle stick sure fits as it’s a daily struggle to not fall apart mentally or give up on proper shooting, I hope once it all comes down to the elk in front of me that I can pull my best out and make it happen!

We are already under two weeks till the opener! I’ve spent alot less time in the mountains this year while prepping for the newest family member, and with two kids and a new baby at home my hunts will not be week long disappearing acts like I’m used to doing. This means I’ve just stacked and restacked the odds against me, but being able to hunt my local mountains leaves me hoping I can throw some day hunts or bonsai overnighters into areas I know produce to at least find the elk to begin with. I said it earlier but I’m going to say it again, this year is going to be challenging!! Honestly this may be the most self inflicted challenging hunting season and I’m stoked to rise to the occasion!!!

Forget all the excuses, embrace the suck, don’t f*** up!!!


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