Multi-use holster for the backcountry bound!

Every forum and Facebook group has the common question of what is the best way to pack my pistol in the backcountry. The problem with that question is it’s almost unanswerable, the backpack, chest harness, holster, gun and gun modifications all change your options and then if you change one small piece it may be starting over from scratch. I myself have rarely packed a gun, largely due to the fact I didn’t have a good way to do it. That’s all changed with the new Alaksa Guide creation holster, this is a multi gun holster meant to be strapped to the bottom of your AGC rig but with a little effort it can become very versatile! The first thing I did was got a second holster clip from them and then I flipped the mount backwards. Now by doing this and using the 2 clips to hold the holster you can use the straps to go through molle webbing on something like the kifaru hip belts. I know a lot of people like the molded holsters but anytime you get a new gun you now need a new holster, this really allows you some versatility in how you pack yout pistol. From bear country to self defense you can try multiple mounting positions as well as pack different guns with ease!!

Below is a video showing the holster and how I changed it up to be used to mount to a kifaru hip belt, sometimes words do not give an adequate explanation. I still need to put some serious time in with this holster but I feel it is worth serious consideration for those wanting to pack a pistol! Check it out and let me know your thoughts and questions!!!

AGC Holster Mod

Stay safe!


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