2020 Gear list layout

Well it seems people really dig gear lists! I’ve decided to copy the 2018 list and update it through the off season to show what I’ve got set up going into 2020. Weighing stuff will be secondary and only if I get bored. I honestly have done this for long enough I generally know what’s going with and what isnt for the most part. I generally toss in a few new pieces to test each trip as well. I struggle to work on this list mostly because it isnt really needed for me, but people enjoy them so I figure I’ll try to get it done! I’m going to lay it all out not just for a specific season so this one may be a little long.


Loki shadow shirt, lightweight synthetic stalking outer layer. 6oz

Sitka core heavyweight hoody: 13.9 oz

Prana Zion pant: 13.2 oz

First lite obsidian pants: 17 oz

Sitka Kelvin active: 16 oz

First lite unpronounceable puffy: 18 oz

First lite unpronounceable pants: 16 oz

Marmot Rain jacket: 10.8 oz

Kefya/shemagh: 6.5 oz

Sitka or first lite merino gloves: 1.5 OZ

Kifaru beanie: 2 oz

First lite brimmed beanie: 2 oz

Richardson “AMPED ARCHER” branded hat: 3 oz

Base Layers: blackovis merino boxers and merino short sleeve

Later season base layers: first lite merino

Socks- darn tough cool Max synthetic in early season and spare med weight smart wool. Late season I’ll wear the med weights and carry a heavyweight smart wool spare.

Gaiters: outdoor research

Boots: Salewa Rapache


Recurve, quiver and 5 arrows/rifle/muzzle loader.

Camera- Panasonic FZ300 multiple extra SD cards and batteries. Also adding in gopro equipment now

Pack: Kifaru ultralite frame, reckoning bag, bane can be added along, also 3 medium pockets and nalgene holder. Have a nomad bag on a 22″ frame for day hunts I’ll use if needed.

Water storage: 4l MSR dromedary bladder. Have a bunch of other bladders as well but this is my preferred.

Nalgene with cap cap lid: 7 oz.

Steripen ultra rechargeable: 4.5 oz

Sat Com: delorme inreach 6.9 oz

Binos: meopta meostar 10×42 with field optics adapter for glassing

Rangefinder: leica crf2000b (wouldn’t recomend for compound shooters, great for rifles and works for recurve, does ballistic cal

Iron will K1 knife, havalon in kill kit

AGC bino harness set up with some essentials: 14.5 oz

Spotter: meopta meostar 20-60×80 4 lbs 5 oz

Tripod: field optics research with their head on it, has 2 removable legs that can be used as trekking poles.

Trekking pole: mountainsmith collapsible, plan to only pack one. May also take cheaper cascade mountain depending on shelter. Have a dedicated center pole for both tipi shelters as well.

Garmin instinct watch

Lantern: PSL solar 4.5 oz

Headlamp fenix HL26R

—Sleep System—

Shelter: early season will be paratarp, later season is luxe minipeak XL with stove jack. Luxe octopeak if multiple people or base camp hunting. Also have bug netting inner for the octopeak

Sleeping Bag: Kifaru body bag. 25 degree rating, doubles as woobie. Have a spare woobie if needed

Sleeping Pads: Exped syn 7 insulated mat. 2 lb late season, Klymit inertia o zone 13.2 oz for super early season, testing a thermarest prolite plus 1lb 7oz as a base camp style pad.

Wood Stove- wild wild west stove from luxe.

—First aid and daily kit—

Kept in XS kifaru UL pullout total weight around 8-10 oz includes:

Precut patches

Gear aid tenacious tape small roll

Mole skin

Toothbrush and paste (both minis)

Lighter and match books and fire starter kit (vaseline soaked cotton balls currently with pyroputty)



Guy line

A few different bandages and bandaid

Couple hot hands

Tweezers and safety pins

Various medicine, allergy pills, antiseptic wipes.

—The Mixed Bag Kit

This is in a medium pull out and can vary a ton! It is basically my catch all for smaller stuff. But some of the stuff that consistently stays in there I’ll list here:

Camera batteries, SD cards, hurricane blower, brushes and lens cloths.

Battery pack with multiple adapters as well as camera battery charger

Stringer, brace height tool with broadhead tool, extra broadheads and field points, extra string, tools for the bow, extra tab and weather rest

—After the Kill kit—

Kept in a kifaru large UL pullout total weight 26 oz

Orange contractor bag

2 Kifaru meat bags

Gallon heavy duty ziplock (heart storage)

Flagging tape

Havalon with extra blades

Latex HD gloves

Hunter honer touch up tool

Reflective orange guy line

Cheaper light weight game bags for quarters, if I debone I put one inside the kifaru meat bag first that way I have a second barrier.

—Cooking kit—

So I use the Mega pull out for my food and cooking stuff to keep it all in one spot. Obviously the weight will depend on amounts and types of food but a few things will stay the same.

First off I always pack a small MSR season container with my favorite seasoning in it and a gallon ziplock.

Currently running the CRKT Eat’n tool XL spork, it’s a little heavy and excessive but it just seems to never get replaced.

11 year old burton max stove with igniter. This thing has never failed me but it’s not the most efficient or lightest thing. Great early season option considering it cost 30 bucks 11 years ago.

If I’m running the burton I will have the GSI minimalist set up with it. Including the lid, foam koozie, and rubber gripper.

This Christmas I got a MSR reactor to try, it will for sure be the late season stove but may find itself being my full time stove as well. It is a pretty impressive little piece!

Ok so that is a huge majority of the gear that goes with me from early season to late season. Granted I’ve left out some stuff like snow shoes, or a hatchet or other things that come on very specific situations. Hopefully this gets the gear list nuts something to check out and enjoy!

I’ll continue to update as needed!


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