Reviews are on the way!

Ok I know that my last post was an update post with not much info and I hate doing those, especially 2 in a row but I have to do an apology right now... I've got a handful of reviews I'm putting together but it's become apparent my "product photos" need a lot of work!... Continue Reading →

On Overwatch Duty

It may have been noticed (or maybe not) that I haven't had any new posts in a while. I am not gone I promise!!! I've spent the last little while just observing the statistics of the website, seeing where traffic comes in from and what posts seem to get the most attention. I've been doing... Continue Reading →

Sitka Kelvin Active Review

The Kelvin active is by no means a "new" product, but if you havent put hands on it yet you are doing yourself no favors! Maybe I am a touch late to the praise party but I'm showing up regardless. First thing to highlight here in my opinion however is the name of the product,... Continue Reading →

Adaptability and Death

We have all seen the elk hunting videos where the hunter bugles in an elk who is pissed and ready to fight. What those dont always reveal is the thousands of unanswered calls or elk chased off by those same calls that brought in that screaming bull. The hunter may have missed tens or hundreds... Continue Reading →


I'm off for the first 4 days of the hunt! Then I have to be back to work for a week then off for another week of hunting! Posts may be very sparse for the next while but I'll be back eventually!!! Good luck all!!! AMP

2018 season is here!!

The hunts start in a few days. I've been going through gear like a mad man and I decided to do another pack unload video. The pack itself came in at only 36 pounds with everything but water!! Check it out then like, comment and subscribe if you like it or let me know if... Continue Reading →

Not just a one trick pony

Although archery is right in the websites name I dont just focus on archery, I love being outdoors in just about any capacity. I've spent some time debating if I would use the blog for my non archery related trips or not and finally decided that like myself I'm sure the readers enjoy other activities... Continue Reading →

Final Gear Prep!

A little while back I did a post called "aww the smell of new" outlining some new gear for the year, I've since put alot of that gear to use with mostly great results! The stone glacier bag was switched out (to see why check out this post), whereas the Luxe Hexpeak tipi has solidified... Continue Reading →

Dream Keeper Expeditions

My buddy started a YouTube page and is doing weekly videos, from vlogs and reviews to scouting and hunting trips. I met up with him to do a video on backpack selection for hunting! Give him a like on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube! Comment on other subjects for him to cover and let... Continue Reading →

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