2020 Gear list layout

Well it seems people really dig gear lists! I've decided to copy the 2018 list and update it through the off season to show what I've got set up going into 2020. Weighing stuff will be secondary and only if I get bored. I honestly have done this for long enough I generally know what's... Continue Reading →

What’s in the kits?

I pack four small kits in my pack: first aid, possibles, after the kill, and cooking. In this post I'll just break down quickly what currently is in each and why. First aid kit is a .5 from adventure medical kits, it's honestly more than I probably need but at under five ounces it's hard... Continue Reading →

Gear List with weight

This will be my first year using a scale, I bought a budget one off Amazon and hope it's fairly accurate. I usually just went off of posted weights to get an idea and never laid it all out before. I will try to get at home numbers on my scale, an asterisk by the... Continue Reading →

2018 odometer

A question came up in a Utah local bowhunting group "How many miles do you think you hike a year? Include shed stumbling, scouting and hunting.." I made my estimation followed shorty by the disclaimer that I've never kept track. The guy that posed the question then told me I should try and keep track... Continue Reading →

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