Sitka Kelvin Active Review

The Kelvin active is by no means a "new" product, but if you havent put hands on it yet you are doing yourself no favors! Maybe I am a touch late to the praise party but I'm showing up regardless. First thing to highlight here in my opinion however is the name of the product,... Continue Reading →

Luxe Hexpeak review

In my hunt for a budget friendly AND lightweight floorless shelter I stumbled across a product that no one seemed to have much info on. The Luxe Hiking Gear Hexpeak Tipi. For an advertised weight of 23.2 oz for the outer tent and a spacious floor plan I was very interested, considering the price for... Continue Reading →

Stone glacier sky 5900 review

A while back I mentioned my plan to swap my back pack and try something different, I ended up with a stone glacier sky 5900 attached to an x curve frame. I put about a year into this pack and have actually moved on to try out another pack just recently but I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Backpack unload

Did a 16+ mile round trip overnighter during memorial day weekend and decided to do a backpack unload video. Unfortunately that sound quality was off but I'm going to do a quick write up on the gear that came out since it was hard to hear. First off my spotter is sitting out since I... Continue Reading →

Get it off your chest!

If you ever drop your pack for a stalk (I'm not encouraging this!), head out for the day on just a quick hike or go through a 3d course you may find yourself lacking some neccesities.... Unless you can pull it right off your chest! I run an Alaska guide creations bino harness, Im not... Continue Reading →

Multiple firsts

Last week I headed down to the bookcliffs with a truck full of new gear to test out. I didn't make it to my planned parking spot due to snow drifts and mud, it was pitch black when I had to turn around and come up with a new plan and the weather was turning... Continue Reading →

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