Adventure Hunting My Backyard

As I type this on my phone I'm currently sitting beside a trail letting my body cool off on the second to last day of the archery elk hunt here in Utah.... To recap the season quickly to this point, its been rough. The thing is though, I'm having a recurring revelation of sorts. Every... Continue Reading →

All in or not at all Mr. Maverick!

At the first of the year I published a post called Trad-ish talking about starting the new adventure of traditional archery. I've learned crazy amounts of info in that short time from setting a recurve up to shooting it properly. The thing though is I'm not much if an "ish" person..... I've now gone down... Continue Reading →

One to go!!!

Many may read this and jump right to one month until the season, and I'm right there with you!!!!! Before that however is the due date for our baby!!!! I've been very inactive lately and it mostly comes down to being pretty swamped with baby stuff! The newest addition will be here by the 5th... Continue Reading →

Expo day!!

Spent today at the hunt expo in salt lake city and let me say, if you have never been YOU ARE MISSNG OUT!!!! This thing is crazy and you better come ready to walk and spend a few days!!!! Spent the morning checking out some gear, new tech and killing time talking, then I worked... Continue Reading →


Apparently there are people out there who hate traditional archery, not hate it because it's hard but just hate the traditional thing itself. Hopefully none of those people are followers of me or the blog because it seems I may be going trad! Kinda.... I'm not going all in and abandoning anything but trad but... Continue Reading →

Kifaru guide lid vs OGL

If you are into backpack hunting you've probably heard the name Kifaru more than you can count, and if you are like me you may even be a Kifaru "Fanboy." However the biggest problem with Kifaru (which isnt a bad problem to have) is the overwhelming amount of choices!! From a small sub one thousand... Continue Reading →

Reviews are on the way!

Ok I know that my last post was an update post with not much info and I hate doing those, especially 2 in a row but I have to do an apology right now... I've got a handful of reviews I'm putting together but it's become apparent my "product photos" need a lot of work!... Continue Reading →

On Overwatch Duty

It may have been noticed (or maybe not) that I haven't had any new posts in a while. I am not gone I promise!!! I've spent the last little while just observing the statistics of the website, seeing where traffic comes in from and what posts seem to get the most attention. I've been doing... Continue Reading →

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