Luxe Hexpeak review

In my hunt for a budget friendly AND lightweight floorless shelter I stumbled across a product that no one seemed to have much info on. The Luxe Hiking Gear Hexpeak Tipi. For an advertised weight of 23.2 oz for the outer tent and a spacious floor plan I was very interested, considering the price for... Continue Reading →

Stone glacier sky 5900 review

A while back I mentioned my plan to swap my back pack and try something different, I ended up with a stone glacier sky 5900 attached to an x curve frame. I put about a year into this pack and have actually moved on to try out another pack just recently but I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Backpack unload

Did a 16+ mile round trip overnighter during memorial day weekend and decided to do a backpack unload video. Unfortunately that sound quality was off but I'm going to do a quick write up on the gear that came out since it was hard to hear. First off my spotter is sitting out since I... Continue Reading →

Have your desert and hunt it too!

Utah's draw results came out this last week and I had two minor surprises. I didnt draw my limited entry mule deer tag and the general season mule deer tag I drew was not for my usual high country mountain hunting unit. This years draw left the wife and I both with archery mule deer... Continue Reading →

To tube or not to tube…

Last week I didnt publish a post as I was debating about expanding to other platforms and was still undecided. I went ahead and gave YouTube a shot and post My first video! It is a quick video on seam sealing my hexpeak tipi, If all goes well it will be another platform for me... Continue Reading →

A weekly update.

So I have tried to stick to my goal of a post a week, last week was short and today will be as well. New broadheads showed up this week so I've been spending my time messing with those. Need to get them all spun and then do some more tuning but they are hitting... Continue Reading →


Usually I spend multiple days sometimes weeks working on each individual post for the website. Writing, tweaking, editing adding pictures and then reading it over to make sure it flows and gets across the point I'm trying to make. Its planning, its prepping, and finally executing. In those three very base terms its much like... Continue Reading →

Get it off your chest!

If you ever drop your pack for a stalk (I'm not encouraging this!), head out for the day on just a quick hike or go through a 3d course you may find yourself lacking some neccesities.... Unless you can pull it right off your chest! I run an Alaska guide creations bino harness, Im not... Continue Reading →

What’s in the kits?

I pack four small kits in my pack: first aid, possibles, after the kill, and cooking. In this post I'll just break down quickly what currently is in each and why. First aid kit is a .5 from adventure medical kits, it's honestly more than I probably need but at under five ounces it's hard... Continue Reading →

Gear List with weight

This will be my first year using a scale, I bought a budget one off Amazon and hope it's fairly accurate. I usually just went off of posted weights to get an idea and never laid it all out before. I will try to get at home numbers on my scale, an asterisk by the... Continue Reading →

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