We are still playing hockey!

As I write this I’m sitting over a bear bait I set, tonight is the last night I can hunt and so far there have been more bear hunters than bears. I am up in Idaho trying to learn to archery bear hunt on the fly, I’ve brought along one of my dads friends that I’ve spent a lot of time hunting with. I’ve researched bear hunting, talked to people on line, called biologists and quizzed the hell out of a friend who guides bear hunts a few hours north. I’ve never drawn a bear tag so coming into this I had no first hand experience, just like most hunts I attempt. So far we have been through 4 units, 9 days on the ground, who knows how many days scouting electronically, and somewhere near 500 pounds of bait set. We have seen some amazing country that neither of us had ever been too, spotted some velvet deer and elk, and had a great experience, but we are still holding unfilled tags and only my current bait set up has been hit….

During all of this Paul’s hockey team, the LA kings, have been trying to make it to the Stanley cup play offs. (My team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, were eliminated but I’ll keep that sob story to myself.) The cardiac kings have now won 7 elimination games this year and are heading to the cup playoffs, they’ve shown that when they have their backs to the walls they fight it out and win. Thanks to his team we have now came up with the phrase “we are still playing hockey!” a quick way to say that we are still here, we are still hunting, we are not out of the game yet, and hey we are having a blast doing it!

Thankfully my penguins will be back to play again next season, which reminds me…. I do believe this bear tag is good for fall too…. Guess we are still playing hockey after tonight!!!!

Lets go Pens! (I’ll be cheering for the kings to skate the cup this year!)



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