Usually I spend multiple days sometimes weeks working on each individual post for the website. Writing, tweaking, editing adding pictures and then reading it over to make sure it flows and gets across the point I’m trying to make. Its planning, its prepping, and finally executing.

In those three very base terms its much like hunting. As of today there are 119 days before my first known archery hunt, and I could possibly draw an earlier tag and cut that number down to an even 100. Dropping that number and knowing I’m approaching double digit days is exciting yet leaves me apprehensive.

I’ve done plenty of planning for the season from applying for multiple out of state tags to getting new gear and setting up my systems. The execution is always the final step you see in your future, sometimes you execute flawlessly, sometimes you miss the mark entirely.

The first and last step are fast, its jotting down an idea on the blog in half coherent sentences, its seeing the end result I’m after and documenting it. Once it’s all prepped to entirety there is simply hitting a small button titled publish and its up on the website.

The middle step is where it can all come together or fall apart. Maybe you slacked a little this winter, I know I did but now winter is over and it’s time to get AMPED. From this point on I’m focusing on what I can do every day to make that final execution a little easier to achieve. Hope you are going to step it up with me.

Ok I lied a little, today I’m not prepping this post. It’s going out raw and mostly unprepped.

Is it August yet?!


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