Gear List with weight

This will be my first year using a scale, I bought a budget one off Amazon and hope it’s fairly accurate. I usually just went off of posted weights to get an idea and never laid it all out before. I will try to get at home numbers on my scale, an asterisk by the weight will mean it’s going off a posted weight still.

–Clothing layers–

I rarely will pack it all on a trip but here is all the weights for what I may generally combine.

Sitka core heavyweight hoody: 13.9 oz

Sitka core lightweight hoody: 13.2 oz

Prana Zion pant: 13.2 oz

First lite obsidian pants: oz

Sitka Kelvin active: 16 oz

Marmot Rain jacket: 10.8 oz

Kefya/shemagh: 6.5 oz

Sitka merino gloves: 1.5 OZ

Kifaru beanie: 2 oz

Base Layers: blackovis merino boxers and merino short sleeve

Smart wool socks 1 med weight 1 heavy weight 1 hole filled pair for stalking or while drying other pairs around camp: 10.4 oz total.

OR Gaiters: 5.5 oz*

Boots: Lowa Ranger 3lb 10oz* or Salomon quest 4D 2lb 13oz*


Pack: Kifaru ultralite frame with muskeg 5k bag still on order and waiting for shipment*

Water: 4l MSR dromedary bladder 7 ounces*

Nalgene with cap cap: 7 oz.

Steripen ultra rechargeable: 4.5 oz

Bow set up including 5 arrows: 6lb 6 oz, for breakdown see Bow setup.

Shelter: Hexpeak standard tipi, 14 stakes, extra guy lines and ground sheet. 37 oz with both stuff sacks.

Bag: Kifaru slick 20 degree regular. 45 oz.

Pad: Exped syn 7 insulated mat. 2 lb with stuff sack OR Klymit inertia o zone 13.2 oz with stuff sack and patch kit

Sat Com: delorme inreach 6.9 oz

Binos: Leupold 10×42 21.2 oz

Rangefinder: Vortex ranger 1k 7.5 oz

Esee Izula 2 with sheath: 3.9 oz

AGC bino harness set up with some essentials: 14.5 oz total

Spotter: Vangaurd Endeavour HD 82mm angled with camera adapter and tripod plate 69 oz

Tripod: Vanguard espod 203AP 38 oz

Trekking pole: 2- Cascade Mountain aluminum twist lock 10 oz each.

Suunto watch: 2.2 oz

Lantern: PSL solar 4.5 oz

Headlamp: 3.3 oz

Survival fishing kit: .9 oz

First aid kit: 4.5 oz

Possible Kit: 8.5 oz

After the Kill kit: 12 oz

Cooking kit: 21 oz

All of the gear listed above puts me at around 50 pounds if I were to pack every bit of it into my pack which is totally manageable but I will never be packing all of it on my back at once.

I will keep this updated constantly throughout the year with any changes and as I get the last few things tossed on the scale!

Want to know what’s in the kits??? Watch for another post next week where I break it all down!! Kit break down is posted check it out Here!

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